By | June 21, 2021

Bathrooms and kitchens are among the rooms that homeowners love to renovate now and then.  This is because these rooms keep on changing and new things have to be added to them to modernise them. Most homeowners never forget to upgrade their kitchens, but very few will remember to do the same with the bathrooms.

How to make bathroom renovations a success

Bathrooms are usually very small spaces and therefore, renovating them will not take you very long. First, however, you have to come up with ways to help you make your renovations a success. The following are tips to follow whenever you are having some bathroom renovations:

  • Add some ventilation

All bathrooms require to be ventilated to a certain extent, which is why they require either a proper-sized window or an exhaust fan. When you decide that you will use a bathroom fan, ensure that you consider its capacity and the amount of noise it produces.

  • Add some indoor plants in your bathroom

Most people think that indoor plants can only be planted on balconies and in living rooms. However, you can also have these plants in your bathrooms since they add a pop of colour. You could consider having a floating shelf to have some trailing plants making your bathroom and home more cozy.

  • Pick the most suitable flooring.

Whenever you have bathroom makeovers brisbane, having the right flooring will make the renovations a success. Therefore, you have to be very keen when selecting your flooring to ensure that you have selected the type of flooring suitable for your new bathroom.

  • Use the right colour palette

There are certain colour palettes that you could use in your small bathroom to make it look bigger or smaller. Dark colours make your bathroom feel smaller, while bright colours bring out a bigger bathroom. You should select the right colours depending on the size of the bathroom.

  • Select the most suitable lighting

You should also take some time before selecting the type of lighting suitable for your home. Mostly, you should add lighting around the mirror in the form of scones. You could also have a dimmer switch to add mood lighting to the bathroom.

  • Have some freestanding pieces

If you still have space in your bathroom, you could have some freestanding pieces like decorative chairs and cupboards to make the room beautiful. In addition, these pieces could offer extra space for storing small items like soaps and towels.

Are bathroom renovations expensive?

The cost of bathroom renovations depends on the type of renovations you would want to make.  However, homeowners are around to make the bathroom renovations depending on how much they can afford. This is why homeowners are advised to develop a budget to guide them on the type of renovations they should do to their bathrooms.


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